Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Dinner Menu-Design Day!

Hey Everyone,

I know I already did a recipe card-design day post and now I'm doing the weekly
dinner menu .pdf for you guys too. I GUESSS ii never said that I was a designer too,
but I am you guys l0l?! So that's why I wanted to start this blog was to share my
designs with you all and you can use the items I design too. AND ii would appreciate
any feedback too. Thanks to everyone who has visited or looked at my blog too.

I hope you all have a great weekend too you guys. And it's the beginning of the week
again too. My weekend was goood 2 loves.
I also would like to know what else would you guys like to see me design? Please
leave comments below and let me know you guys okay thanks.
I was also thinking since a lot of the kids are on summer vacation right now, I would
do a post on places to visit, things to do with the kids on break, and some craft
ideas too for them too do/design/create right?! Well let me know if you guys would like
to see that post or not?! AND ii would also make it on a budget too.
Leave comments and feedback down below too you guys okay thanks.

Weekly Dinner Menu

The picture above is a welcome sign ii painted on a piece of wood today!
My friend and I are trying to start our own small store/small independent
business too. I'm so sorry if the pic is bad or not perfect ok l0l?! I took the
pic w/my phone camera n that camera isn't great 2 ok so yea srrry l0l?! Well
let me know if you like it or not ok u guys, ok thanks!!!
Would you buy welcome signs or other signs from me and my friend
too let me know, too thanks! Leave comments below or email me ok thanks!

*All text written and composed by me.
Welcome Sign-Designed/Created by me w/paint and sharpie marker.
*Weekly Dinner Menu-Designed/Created by me.
(But it's for all of you guys to print as a PDF File and use)
*Xoxo sign-Designed/Created by me.