This page right  here will be for all of the DIY/Tutorials/Tips/Makeup-Fashion
Tips/Etc etc etc.
If you would like to add a tip or have a link for good tips/ideas/though/etc about
any of theses topics please feel free to email me or message me below in the
comment sections. I will be adding to this page too as I find and learn more tips/diy's/
etc. in the weeks and months to come. Thanks.
ALSO all of the designs I create/design for you guys will be under this section too.
I will be adding stuff from Pinterest and other blogs too you guys, so thanks!

*From MSN's-Simpy Chic Blog-Link/Post:
I just found an article about Halloween Manicures from the runway. It's pefect
because tomorrow is Oct. 01, 2012 and everyone has Halloween on their brains/
minds already. So let me know if you like this article or not and please feel free
to leave comments below you guys, thanks!
Halloween Manicures from the Runway

*One of my fav. beauty products to use is by Clinique and it's called the
7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula.

*The Beauty Department-Make up

*Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

*Bobbi Browns Blog (Make up info.) 

*Hair, hair and more hair. 

*Mr. Picassohead- A drawing/image program to design your own Mr.
Picassohead. Enjoy.

*Fall Tags-Design Post- I made theses fall tags for you guys to use. Please
click on the link and then download. AND then you can add them to gifts
for the fall/autumn season. Enjoy.

*Three DIY Projects- DIY Coasters, DIY Message in a bottle necklace,
and DIY Black Paper Clips/Medium Size (To keep papers together).

*Weekly dinner menu-design day.

*Recipe card-design day.

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