Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mr. Picassohead

Hey Everyone,

I was just browsing through blogs and I came across this blog called
"How About Orange" and they had a link to to this site where you could
create your own Mr. Picassohead. I was bored and it was fun. You can
even let your little ones design a head too, if you would like. I will add
the link below too. AND ii usually don't do random blog posts like this BUT
this one seemed cool and interesting so, I though I would share with you guys
l0l. I hope you're all enjoying your dayyy too. Take care and look our for
more blog posts to come soon too l0l?! Enjoy.

Please leave comments below you guys and let me know if you tried this
site out too. AND thanks to alll of my readers/followers too. Thanks : )!

I am on twitter now too you guys so please follow me: @MesyHairTeaCups.
Thanks you guys and I really appreciate it too you guys, so yeah thanks?!

Mr. Picassohead
How About Orange

All text written and composed by me.
Xoxo Sign/Created by me too.

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