Thursday, January 16, 2014

Re-Welcome Again To MessyHair&TeaCups Blog!


Hey Everyone (Again),

I started this blog in 2012 and I barely had time to post/create/design more stuff for my blog. I would def like to start over again too and spend more time on this blog of mines. I had put in a lot of work into it too. I just didn't have the time to work on it. I was so busy working and dealing with stuff in my life that I had no time to do a blog/keep it updated too. I met a lot of really sweet and nice young ladies though the blog world too, so thanks to those people too. I also appreciate everyone who took the time to read/comment on my blog too. BUT now since it's a new year I would like to re-start again on my blog and try to post more too. I know we are all busy and hard working women/bloggers too but, sometimes things come up in life and we can't always post/write for our blogs too right?  BUT ii will try my best to post more and post more often. I would like to reconnect with old blog friends I've made on here and gain new friends too. So thanks again!
This is just a brief explanation about what happen to my blog. Again I'm so sorry for neglecting it too. And again I will try my best to post/create/design more for my blog. I hope you will all follow/read my posts again too. 

*I got to fix the TWITTER account I made for the blog too. Please be patient too, thanks!

*And my BLOG BUTTON is on the right hand side of my page too, if anyone would like to add it to
their blog, thanks!


*All text written and composed by me.
*Xoxo sign created/designed by me.

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