Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh How I Wish Post...


Hey Everyone,
Thanks for being patient with me and reading my blog again. I really appreciate it too, so thanks. This is just a quick post about where I wish I could be right now instead of at home and working. I'd rather be on a beach right now instead of working. A girl is allowed to dream right l0l?! Ohhh how I wish I was in Hawaii on a beach somewhere. They have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world too. Wouldn't it be great to be sitting on the beach sipping on a nice cocktail right now? It sure would be great guys l0l?!
If you've never been to Hawaii in your life you definitely need to go one day and check it out. This image was from google images and it's the famous Wakiki Beach in Oahu which is in Hawaii. This is the one place I've been too but, would love to go back again there too. One of my fav vacation spots too. Have ever been there or no? Would you like to visit Hawaii or no? Please leave comments below. Thanks!

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*Picture is from Google images.
*Idea came from Shrimp Salad Circus.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Re-Welcome Again To MessyHair&TeaCups Blog!


Hey Everyone (Again),

I started this blog in 2012 and I barely had time to post/create/design more stuff for my blog. I would def like to start over again too and spend more time on this blog of mines. I had put in a lot of work into it too. I just didn't have the time to work on it. I was so busy working and dealing with stuff in my life that I had no time to do a blog/keep it updated too. I met a lot of really sweet and nice young ladies though the blog world too, so thanks to those people too. I also appreciate everyone who took the time to read/comment on my blog too. BUT now since it's a new year I would like to re-start again on my blog and try to post more too. I know we are all busy and hard working women/bloggers too but, sometimes things come up in life and we can't always post/write for our blogs too right?  BUT ii will try my best to post more and post more often. I would like to reconnect with old blog friends I've made on here and gain new friends too. So thanks again!
This is just a brief explanation about what happen to my blog. Again I'm so sorry for neglecting it too. And again I will try my best to post/create/design more for my blog. I hope you will all follow/read my posts again too. 

*I got to fix the TWITTER account I made for the blog too. Please be patient too, thanks!

*And my BLOG BUTTON is on the right hand side of my page too, if anyone would like to add it to
their blog, thanks!


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mr. Picassohead

Hey Everyone,

I was just browsing through blogs and I came across this blog called
"How About Orange" and they had a link to to this site where you could
create your own Mr. Picassohead. I was bored and it was fun. You can
even let your little ones design a head too, if you would like. I will add
the link below too. AND ii usually don't do random blog posts like this BUT
this one seemed cool and interesting so, I though I would share with you guys
l0l. I hope you're all enjoying your dayyy too. Take care and look our for
more blog posts to come soon too l0l?! Enjoy.

Please leave comments below you guys and let me know if you tried this
site out too. AND thanks to alll of my readers/followers too. Thanks : )!

I am on twitter now too you guys so please follow me: @MesyHairTeaCups.
Thanks you guys and I really appreciate it too you guys, so yeah thanks?!

Mr. Picassohead
How About Orange

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Tags-Design Post!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying your first day of Oct. 2012. I can't believe it's already
Oct. 2012 too you guys. So this is just going to be a short post for you guys and
it's just a design post, I did for you guys too. So just click on the link and you
can print theses Fall Tags out and use them for a small fall/autumn gift. Or even
for a Halloween gift too for your friends or family. I hope you all like theses tags too.
Please leave comments below you guys too. And thanks to everyone who leaves
comments/follows my blogs too.

Fall Tags

I might do some Halloween DIY/Tutorials in the month of Oct. too but, I'm not sure.
So please feel free to email me or leave comments below if you would like to see some
Halloween DIY's/Tutorials too. Thanks you guys and I appreciate everyone's comments
too. So thanks again.

So, what is everyone's favorite Halloween memory, favorite costume you wore for
Halloween in the past/this year, your favorite Halloween party you've been too,
favorite Halloween candy, or a favorite costume you've made yourself or for
your kids? Leave comments below, you guys thanks?!

AND just keep your eye out for more post and I will try my best to post at least
once a week or at least once every two weeks. Thanks to everyone again who
follows/reads my blogs too. I appreciate every one of my readers too, so thanks!

MessyHairAndTeaCups is on Twitter now so please follow/add me on there too
you guys thanks : )!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Three DIY Projectsss!!!

Hey Everyone,

Today's post is just going to be a quick and simply post. I'm trying to do more
DIY projects in my spare time but, I feel like I never have enough time or I
start something and I never really finish it l0l?! How many times has that happen
to you all when u start something and never finish it l0l?! Well that's me for you
guys l0l?! BUT ii will def try to do one project and finish it on time l0l?! So,
today I'm going to post 3 awesome,amazing, and cool DIY projects for you all
to try and do okay l0l?! I DON'T KNOW IF I WILL TRY ANY OR NOT but

1. DIY Coasters:
One of my fav things is to make/design/create/paint your own coasters.
You can get pieces of wood and the sizes could be like 4x4 inches big/wide
and you can do your own little designs/doodles on them. You can use ribbon,
paint, cut pictures out of magazines, draw, and etc etc etc on the coaster. It's
a simple and easy DIY and  I hope u all can give it a try. AND if u do
please post pics of the final project on your blog and I will go comment okay
lovely readers of mines l0l?!

(I found this cool link from Poppytalk and they have a cute, short, and easy tutorial on
how to make your own color blocked coasters. Check it out, Thanks)!

2. DIY Message in a Bottle Necklace:
I haven't made theses before but they seem super easy to make. Their a small
little tiny bottle that can be found in craft stores. And you use a cork for the
lid too. AND all you do is put a simple message/quote/saying on a piece of
paper and roll it up and place it in the bottle. The last thing you do is add a
small head ring and a chain (for the necklace) whatever size you wish. ALL of
theses products can be found again in your local craft shops. It seems so
simply and easy to do too l0l?! I hope you all like this DIY project and if anyone
decides to do it please leave comments below and links to your blog post too.

(I found this DIY from SewCal Mama and she has a great blog too. So all the
step by step instructions are there for you guys to try it out okay you guys l0l?!)

3. DIY Black Paper Clips/Medium Size (To keep papers together):
This is a good back to school DIY project too. It's so simply and easy that I
would love to do this. BUT ii don't have any of those black paper clips so yeah,
sorry you guys l0l?! Anyways all it is is a simple clip and you use a sparkly/glittery
nail polish on the black part of the clip. AND it makes the clip super pretty and
sparkly/glittery things this is perfect for you. They sell theses at your local walmarts,
targets, kmarts, CVS, and Walgreen stores. So it's def easy to get what you need.
Just add glitter to it to make it fancy and pretty right you guys l0l?! Well again as I've
said above leave comments below if you do any of theses DIY projects and let
me know how they came out. Thanks.

(I found this brilliant idea from the lovely blog of Brittany from Buckeye Belle.
She has a great blog and if you haven't checked her blog out, please do so. And
this is a simply DIY too. I hope you all liked it too, thanks)!

*I hope you all have a great day and thanks so much for reading/commenting my
blog too you guys, ii really appreciate it too, so thanks : )!!!
*Look out for more posts coming soon too.
*AND if you would like to swap buttons please comment below or email me at: I appreciate it too. Thanks again!!!