Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Being Creative!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do a short post for you guys and since it's already AUG.
(Time sure does fly by huh l0l?!)  I did a small/mini calendar you can all
use for whatever you wanted to use it for. I love creating for you guys and
I love sharing my designs/art work too with everyone. I hope you like this
little calendar too. AND ii will be add the .pdf link under my sources section
too for you guys. So please click on the link and if you like it you can use it

I hope you all are enjoying my blog and like/love my posts too. Please feel
free to leave comments too. As I've said before I read them all and I appreciate
everyone who leaves them too, so thanks!!!

Look out for more product reviews and more posts in general. AND if anyone
has a request or anything for a post/blog please email me at: or leave comments below. Thanks!!!

The image above is a small sign I painted and then used a sharpie marker to
write the text on it too. And then I added glitter on top of it too. It's super cute
and it makes a great room sign and it's to remind to always SMILE each and
everyday. AGAIN me and my friend are trying to start up a shop and sell
signs like this and was wondering if anyone of you guys aka my readers would
be interested in buying stuff like this or other holiday signs too. Please leave
comments below. Thanks you guys, I appreciate it too okay l0l?!

Please let me know if u luv the calendar or not tooo u guys l0l?! Thanks!!!

All text written and composed by me.
Calendar Link-For Everyone To Use, You're Welcome Again l0l?!
Picture of Lollipop taken by me.
Xoxo sign created/designed by me.

My Lollipop featured above there l0l?! It was a pink lemonade
flavor lollipop too and it was sooooo yummy too u guys l0l?!
I know it has nothing do with designing BUT it needed to be
on this blog post ok you guys l0l?! I hope u alll had a great
dayyyy too, enjoy take care, Byes for now.

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